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MetáMask | Login


In this guide, we will be learning about MetáMask and how to make an account. We all know that this name is quite familiar in the crypto world but without proper knowledge, it can be dangerous. So read on to this article and find out all the necessary information MetáMask login account.In order to use the MetáMask login account you need to follow all the following steps.




Firstly, you need to visit the MetáMask official site sign in on pc, and download the whole package of MetáMask. It is available on its official website and also in the Google Web store.

Secondly, it is available for both PC and smartphones. Let us say that you are using a PC then you can download MetaMask chrome extension and use it on your PC. Or you can download the MetáMask application from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone).

This platform is flexible and can be used in any OS. So if you have any device with sufficient memory and RAM then you can use it any way you want to.


MetáMask sign up


After just finishing the installation, you opt for the Sign-up procedure. To do that you can open the application or Chrome extension and fill out the Sign-up form by providing all the necessary DETAILS. Post signing up you will receive 12 seed phrases, and remember to keep them safe somewhere and finish the process.


MetáMask Online Login with password


Well if you want to log in with your MetáMask account with password then you can also opt for a password login. As there is an option for users, you just need to provide your 12 digits seed phrase and create a new password. So, next time you open your account it will ask for your password. Because by default there is an option to open MetáMask wallet login with a private key but some people prefer passwords so just discussed above and you need to follow that and you can log in with the password.


MetáMask login page issue


Even after changing the password and confirming the 12 digits seed phrase and you are still getting this error then there might be many possibilities such as:

  • Your network connection is weak or not working at all
  • The internal server of MetaMask login is down
  • There are so many temp files on your computer or smartphone
  • Memory is filled with cache and junk files
  • Extension or application is not updated


To overcome this obstacle you just need to follow all the countermeasures and your issue will be resolved.




Concluding this article with a few lines that if do make an account, it is very necessary that you learn about cryptocurrency. It is flexible for both experienced and beginners. But it is crypto and can be tricky so gain proper knowledge of it and then start trading.